Singapore Island is a republic located in the South of Malaysia. This is a micro-state of less than 700 km², comprising 64 islands. Independent since 1965, Singapore, formerly under British rule and discomfort, to developed a prosperous economy that allowed him to join the circle of Dragons with South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Singapore’s economy is based on the financial and maritime sector. Singapore is the second financial center of Asia (after Japan) This state is also the second port in the world in terms of tonnage. Note that Singapore electronics sector is experiencing a high quality and a dynamic tourism.
Singapore in a nutshell:
. banking secrecy. The largest bank represented.
. Excellent image worldwide
. Means of communication among the most modern in the world
. international banking network (HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, …)
Legal form in Singapore?

. Private Limited Company : it is the local SARL
. Limited Liability Partnership or LLP
Sole Proprietorship : EURL sort of, it is designed for activities that have no prospect of development
. Representative office, branch
Resident or non-resident company

Reasons to create a company in Singapore?

. 0% tax for income earned abroad, unless they are seen in Singapore.
. CIT rate of 17%
. Administrative cooperation with other extremely small States
. tax advantage for international investors
. Shareholding 100% possible foreign
. No income tax
. VAT rate of 7%


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