Create his company easily on Mauritius and benefit from a 0% tax!

The frame of reduced or no tax countries is much the same for all countries …. The tax is to zero, or, in a very low tax (1 to 10% for example). In the latter case, it is not entirely tax havens, but who gladly will accommodate.

History Offshores
It happened 2000 years ago. Greek merchants were represented by envoys in some commercial ports, to organize commercial transactions between sellers and buyers. They could not go to secret locations to transship goods and evade port taxes.
The idea of ​​tax havens was born. Closer to home, here twenty years, some countries provide tax benefits as: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the Channel Islands, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Panama, etc …

Since then, many others have adjusted their tax laws to attract international trade on their territory, removing trade barriers, virtually abolishing exchange controls, and providing guarantees of reduced taxation, or even at zero! This is the case of the Republic of Mauritius.

Mauritius: a tax haven republic!

Legal benefits

The case law of the Republic of Mauritius is rich. It offers certainty and total confidentiality of offshore structures. The name of the creators are not published …

We can only create this structure without capital. It works a bit like the SARL in France, or similar structures in Europe.

Fiscal advantages

There is no income tax, nor the obligation to keep accounts (however essential, even if we do not ask accounts!). The main tax criteria and benefits:
* Sole Director can be non-resident and / or legal person
* No annual general meeting of shareholders required
* Meetings can be held at any place or by proxy
* No need to keep accounts
* No audited accounts
* Transfer of the seat from or to another possible court
* Deadline for fast creation (2 days)
* No tax: 0%
* Expenses of formation modest operational
* Total confidentiality of business: information on the partners and their homes are not disclosed.

How to create your company in Mauritius

It can create a kind GB2 company if very quickly. Allow 2-5 days from receipt of the documents and settlement of professional fees (compulsory) on Mauritius.
The banks.
there are no numbered accounts or accounts pseudonym. This poses no problem since the tax is zero. Finally, the bank account in Mauritius is not mandatory (it can be opened anywhere except in France!).

The owners of the shares may be natural or legal persons. The names of the partners is not published on the public registry (equivalent of Register of Commerce and Companies in France).

Accounting and annual filing of accounts.

On Mauritius, he is not required to maintain accounting records and books. Offshore companies are not required to either submit accounts

In other words, you do not need to present the accounts and balance sheet each year as in most other countries. One can even use the credit card company for personal purchases without being prosecuted for misuse of company property!


The condition for tax advantages is that the activity is located outside the Republic of Mauritius, there is no tax or corporation, or earnings of associates (dividends), no inheritance tax of shares held by non-residents. Just an annual fee.



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