Ltd. offshore company in Hong Kong

What attracts investors to Hong Kong to create an offshore company is very favorable business environment for trade. Indeed, Hong Kong is the largest international banking center and provides professional support for all growing companies.

The registration of a company in Hong Kong ensures protection of privacy and 100% commercial credibility for all transactions on the Asian and International market.

The main advantages that attract investors in Hong Kong in order to create a society:

. One of the largest business center in the world
. A strong infrastructure endowment
. Companies are not perceived as an offshore jurisdiction
. The names of directors and actual partners may not appear on legal documents due to the establishment of a “Nominee Director solution” or “Nominee Shareholder”
. A very favorable taxation

No control on international trade

The main characteristics of an offshore Limited Company established in Hong Kong

For your information, we offer an overview of the fundamental characteristics of an offshore company in Hong Kong.

Advantages :

. If all business transactions are conducted exclusively outside of Hong Kong, the imposition of a society can be zero
. Because Hong Kong is one of the world trade centers, Hong Kong companies are not perceived as being registered in a tax haven
. advanced business infrastructure
. Bank Account HSBC or Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong

The inconvenients :

. It is necessary to realize an annual meeting of auditors
. The time zone can create some problems
. Penalties for not meeting deadlines are very high

The characteristics of the company:

. The form: Limited liability company
. The name: ban on using the word “Royal” or “Imperial” for the name of the company and it must end in “Limited”
. Legislation: Companies Ordinance (Ordinance Company), Cap 32
. Time constitution: the five working days
. minimum capital: not required
. Minimum number of partners: a
. Minimum number of directors: a
. Secretary: compulsory in Hong Kong
. Specific information required by the authorities prior to registration: No
. Public information: The Contract and the Articles of Association, Secretary, Directors, mortgages and taxes
. Bookkeeping: Not Required
. Budget: Not required
. Restrictions on Meeting place: No
. Currency controls: None
. Double Tax Treaties: No
. Capital taxes: 0.6%

Private Consulting Ltd will be responsible for the establishment phase. Also we can provide:

. “Nominee Shareholder”
. “Nominee Director”
. “Nominee Secretary”
. Holding your accounting
. legal Secretary
. Headquarters
. A bank account in Hong Kong

The new tax treaty between Hong Kong and Belgium: entry point of dividends in the EU
An avoidance of double taxation on the income tax and capital was signed on 10 December 2003 between Belgium and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and entered into force on 17 October 2004. The scheme particularly it establishes favorable allows us to consider this agreement – the only one signed by Hong Kong with a country other than China – as a vehicle for entry into the European Union for dividends from Hong Kong and, indirectly, of China . This section sets the amount of the withholding tax on dividends in relations between the two countries and provides details on the terms of the prevention of double taxation system in the country of residence, before leaning on uncertainties as to the corporate tax regime under the Convention.


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