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We take care of the training and coaching companies in the world (secretariat structure, accounting, regulatory and tax agenda, compliance with regulations for record keeping, payroll management, advice, representation …).


Limited Company


The Limited Company, is an English law company, it can have activities around the world by installing a subsidiary (SPRL style local law company whose shareholder a limited having at least 51% stake in it.




We realize in several countries fiscal and strategic optimization montages of offshore structures in countries like Seychelles, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong …. (Zero taxation, anonymity manager, bank account …).


Virtual Office


PRIVATE CONSULTING ltd is present with partners in different countries of the world, or so you can use our different addresses or London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Dubai to install your offices or use our prestigious addresses.


Confirm the availability of your company name

The name of your company is more than important! Send us your proposals as well as the purpose of your business and help you to validate it. This, depending on availability.


Gold Services


Our greatest strength, from A to Z. business creation We help you build your business as well as marketing and web media most suited to your application. Our team of webmasters will create for you, the website that your company needs.


Over 10 years experience in the creation of Trust and tax advice. Throughout these years, the experience of economic markets due to mutilples travel allows him to advise all types of activities. His greatest strength, the determination of risk markets in different economic or fiscal policy levels.

Rodolphe de Pierpont

CEO, Private Consulting Ltd


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